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The territorial forestation of the Forest District actions range equals 49,19%.

The forests of the Forest District are located in III Nature – Forestry Country, Wielkopolska and Pomerania Province, 6th District of the Lubuskie Lake District and in 3 mesoregions:

-Lubuskie Land (also known as Lubusz Land) (III.6.a) – the greater part of the Forest District area,

-the Nowotomyska and Kargowska Plain (III.6.b) – the northern east part of the Forest District,

-the Głogów Ice-Mariginal Valley (III.6.c) – the southern part of the Forsets District.

The Forest District Przytok is located within the range of great valleys climate with significant influence of maritime climate. It has got characteristics of mild transitional climate.

Of great importance, for the Forest District Przytok, were reclamation works carried out on the large scale, and the River Odra engineering, in order to improve sailing conditions. As the result of these works, the river bed became straight, and so many of the river's meanders were sometimes completely cut off from the river and became so called oxbow lakes.

With the large habitats diversity, within the area of the Forest District Przytok, there we can find more poor and temperate poor, fresh forest sites, creating not very convenient conditions of forest production.

In the trophic interpretation, poor sites (coniferous forests) cover 42,16%  of the forest area, temperate poor ( mixed coniferous forests) – 35,13%, temperate fertile (mixed forests) – 9,14%, and fertile (forests, alders and riparian forests) – 13,57%.