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The forests of the Forest District Przytok constitute the tourism and recreation base for inhabitants of Zielona Góra and surrounding areas.

Particularly worth visiting are the following places:

- historical park in Zatonie with the ruins of the palace of  Duchess Talleyrand,

- The Odra oak forests in the Forest District  Dąbrowa so called „Oderwald",

- educational and nature trail in Stary Kisielin,

- educational and nature trail "Las Odrzański (The Odra Forest) – the pearl of the Forest District Przytok".


Fishing ponds nearby Krępa, Tarnawa, Zabór, Wielobłoty or Bobrowniki are well known to amateurs of fishing.

In the forests of the Forest District, there are large areas covered with shrubs of blackberries. During autumn period, there are also a lot of mushrooms.

The above mentioned  factors decide about growing interest of active recreation within the areas of the Forest District.