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Poland belongs to the group of countries with the largest forest cover in Europe.

The forestation of Poland, measured as percentage rate of the forest area to land area equals 29,7%. In Poland, the average affluence of forests in wood equals about 206 cubic meters per hectare and is almost twice as big as the  average affluence for the whole Europe.

In the Forest District Przytok the data are as follows:

In the age structure younger age classes: I and II age classes (of forest stands at the age of maximum 40 years), they cover 4118,98 ha, what makes 24,77% of the area, medium age classes III and IV (41-80 years old) 7630,51 ha – 45,88%, the rest of area 4881,51 ha – 29,35% is covered with the older age class forest stands  ( over the age of 80).



In the forest stands of the Forest District Przytok in the areal  species share existing in mentioned area, there dominates pine – 82,34% of the forest area, then oak – 8,84%, alder – 3,99%, acacia – 1,36% and birch – 1,26%, the others – 2,21%.